I'd Like To Thank My Friends

I'd like to thank my friends in Bradford, Manchester, Coventry, Gloucester and Newport for their messages of support. It appears that despite what the English newspapers say, many south of the border see our referendum - whichever way it goes - as a way of starting to fix the UK's political system and bring power back to where it really belongs.


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I Backed Britain By Voting Yes To Independence

I said in a previous post that I would be voting Yes because I loved Britain. This post will explain that assertion.

Bruce Forsyth is nowadays best known as the erstwhile host of a Saturday night BBC dance competition, wherein several people you've never heard of perform unusual dance routines with several other people you've never heard of and are given marks by several people who are famous only for awarding marks to people you've never heard of dancing on the telly.

But back in the 1960's Brucie was king of television variety and well known as a stage performer. Because of his fame and influence, and probably also because he could sing and dance, he became involved in the "I'm Backing Britain" campaign towards the end of 1967. This was a cultural phenomenon that would be hard to imagine happening today - it started with a group of typists who decided to work a little bit of unpaid overtime to help their firm and, by extension, the country. It was taken up by the papers who proceeded to make a bit of a thing of it. For a while it was the biggest story in the country and I can (just) remember stories on the evening TV news telling us which patriotic group of workers had joined the campaign that day.



The campaign was sufficiently high profile that Bruce Forsyth recorded a record about it which quickly became its theme song and was played widely. By a bizarre coincidence, whilst this post was in preparation it was played on BBC Radio 2, quite possibly for the first time since 1968. And I sang along with every word.


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I've Voted, It's Your Turn Soon

Being nomadic, I have the benefit of a postal vote. This allows me to contribute my unique angle on Scottish affairs no matter where I may be on whichever special Thursday constitutes our plebian doorway into the hallowed halls of British democracy.

Being a postal vote, it was in my hands well before you ordinary people are allowed to touch your own. I've filled it in and returned it already - it didn't take long, there is only one question and the correct answer is obvious. You can see it below.


ind ref ballot anon

It's a scan, but not an exact replication - I've stuck a fake cross over the one I marked myself. There's a good reason for that.


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I'm On Holiday But You Need To Read This

I'm on holiday in the Highlands just now, but you need to read the article in the link and tell as many people as you can. It appears to confirm what many of us have suspected for a very long time.


Click here.


And yes, since you ask, I'm having a great time. The weather's good, the food is much better than it used to be, the roads are empty and I'm unemployed again so have time to enjoy it. 


And even better, I think I'm going back to a job near home next week :)



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DVLA Are Thieving Bastards

Yes, it's an angry headline. But that's OK, because I'm angry. You may not have heard - I hadn't until very recently - but DVLA are changing the way in which car tax is administered.

tax disc


To be fair to the thieving bastards I don't think that this is something they have thought up themselves. They are only an agency of the UK government so this is probably driven by some other money-grabbing department, probably HMRC.  

The paper tax disc (as shown above) is being abolished in October, to be replaced by a spy network of surveillance cameras both in fixed locations and mobile ones, especially in police cars.  

Today, when you buy a used car you drive it away and some time later, when the tax disc expires, you apply for a new one. Annoying, but simple. From 1st October this will no longer be the case. Whenever the original owner sells the car, the tax expires immediately. Any remaining tax can be refunded, but not for the period of the current month, which is lost. The new owner must tax the car before it can be driven again on public roads, but the tax must commence from the beginning of the month in which the car is next used. Therefore, DVLA get an extra month's tax that they wouldn't otherwise have had every time a car changes hands.

But that's OK because apparently this change "should 'save taxpayers £10 million' in the hunt for tax dodgers" . Really?


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