You're Not Forgotten, Ed

Still not heard from Ed, he must be busy with something. We'll be writing to him again at the weekend just so he doesn't forget.


Edward Davey

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The UK Will Pay Its Debts - What Else Could It Do?

The independence stushie de jour is all about the UK government's announcement that the Treasury would honour all debts it has incurred by the time of a putative Scottish departure from the Union or, as that rabidly pro-Scotland rag the The Telegraph would have it "Salmond's delight as UK promises to pay Scotland's debts".


danny alexander fright   Alex-Salmond delight


What else could the government do? If they had decided to announce that they would not guarantee any debt incurred on behalf of Scotland it would have been impossible to fund any capital expenditure to which they are obliged by virtue of the Barnett formula - that would have played directly into the SNP's hands because we can be sure that suddenly a large number of high-profile public infrastructure projects would noisily stop. 

But let's not get carried away with the notion that Danny Alexander's munificence is unilaterally funding all of Alec Salmond's fondest dreams, despite what many of the Telegraph's commenters seem to think. Although he may just have confirmed one of Mr Salmond's desires...


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At Last! Our Extreme Weather Is Explained!!

It's Winter.


That is all.


Thank you for your attention.

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Back To You, Ed.

After receiving a few suggestions via email (you are a shy lot, aren't you?) I have made some changes to the proposed letter back to DECC. See it after the break.


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Extreme Weather In South West Scotland!

The blog spent Hogmanay and Ne'erday in the second most southerly village in Scotland. It's so far south that the BBC TV news comes from England and the mobile phone signal (if you can get one) sometimes comes from the Isle of Man. Isle of Whithorn is a small fishing village at the extreme point of the Machars and boasts a very vibrant comunity spirit.

But this little jewel of a village experienced great danger today when extreme weather struck and flooded the harbour area!


IoW 1


It was a very dramatic day. The strong onshore wind blew stinging spray into the faces of the huge crowd that had gathered from all parts of the Machars to experience the full horror of the day. The spectre of rampant and vicious climate change hung over the assemblage and no-one could remember anything like it since...


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