Scotland's Future (Pt 1)

While we’re waiting for HMG to open the mail and provide a justification for killing Scots I thought we should turn our thoughts towards that other important topic of conversation just now – Scottish independence. November 26th past saw the publication of the Scottish Government’s guide to the independent Scotland. This came in two forms – the full-fat 670 page publication and a smaller summary document. Not having the time to read the full thing, I have managed to have a good look through the summary.


Click the pic for your own copy


I’m not hugely impressed. What should have been a document outlining a vision of a brand new country is much more like the SNP’s manifesto for the next general election. It is, though, better than the equivalent offering from the Better Together campaign, which has not yet seen the light of day: maybe they simply don’t have any coherent vision apart from a dread of having to shift for themselves.

I would now like to present to you my critique of the document. It will comprise several parts and you may find it helpful if you had a copy of your own to refer to, since I don’t intend to reproduce too much of it here.



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Dear Ed... A LIttle Reminder For You

Looking back to the last post you will see that this blog wrote to Ed Davey, Her Majesty's Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. Here is the letter:


Letter to Ed Davey 2013.11.14 by dak


 To date, we have not had either a reply or an acknowledgement. So we have sent a reminder: see it after the break.



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Is The Climate Secretary A Mass Murderer?

It is a truism that all politicians dissemble. It is also a truism that politicians like to add their voices to a row that has already broken out. This past fortnight or so has seen particularly bad examples of both of these as our elected representatives past and present lay in to the power companies for doing what private companies always do - make money for their shareholders.

Names prominent in the brouhaha have been Ed Miliband, Michael Fallon, Chris Huhne and Sir John Major. All of these characters have demonstrated their complete lack of any sense of either history or irony by shouting in the mass media against policies or effects that are the direct results of their own actions. They can all be accused of the crime of being shameless gits.

 Edward Davey

However, the current Climate Secretary, the Rt Hon Ed Davey MP FRSA (above), may be liable to being accused of the crime of murder in Scotland. In fact, mass murder.

This is not a joke, and this suggestion is not made lightly.



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Can You See The Future?

Take a look at the building in the photo below. Can you see the future?



No? What about from here?


Still no? From here?



Students of architecture may recognise the building, or at least its period and style. It was built almost exactly 100 years ago for one of the large engineering concerns of which we used to have many in the west of Scotland.


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Happy Dogs and Happy Food

Well, here's a little happy post just because it's summer. Or at least it was when I started writing this bit. We went for a walk a few weeks ago and I took this photo. 

I just thought you might like to see it.


happy dogs

Happy Dogs


But here in the Republic even our meals are happy...


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