Sunday Afternoom

There's not a great deal of significance or point to this post, it's just to show you a little bit of the countryside here in the Republic.

IMAG0077(click for even bigger splendulousity)


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A New Scottish Tennis Sensation!!

At last Scotland can celebrate the appearance of a new tennis champion. Many years of hard work, dedication and frustration have at last borne fruit in the highest ranking for any British player for over three quarters of a century.

Click through for a full appreciation of this magnificent feat:


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She Said, He Said, He Said

This is a bit of an unusual post for this blog. It is a response to a post on another blog, which is itself a response to a first post on the wonderful Subrosa's blog. Rosie's article was prompted by the publication of a paper on wind power economics, which we will return to.

In what is fast becoming a Republic tradition we will interleave the original text in black, with our comments in green. It would probably be easier if you were to go to the original two posts and read them in their entirety first.

floppy fan

Done that? Good, let's go...



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From My Window

Well, my nomadic lifestyle has brought about yet another move and I have travelled east. Having finally conquered the local customs and arranged for a new abode I can now look out across the city and admire this wonderful sunset over the romantic towers and spires...

mysterious west

... of Strangeways Prison in Manchester. I can't actually open the window yet because the landlord hasn't quite managed to get me the key, but you can't have everything.

By the way, didn't Andy do well?

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I Can't Stand Tennis, But...

Good Luck, Andy Murray!!


andy murray

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