A Brief Hiatus


The last post but one turned out to be a little unkind. It transpired that Mr Davey had asked that nice Mr Holiland to reply to me again and the letter was waiting for me on my return. See it after the break.

 As well as that, Mr Salmond has sent me the full copy of "Scotland's Future" I asked him for, so I hope to restart my critique of that soon.


book and light


It'll something to do in the hotel in the evenings when I get back from advising on a project vital to Scotland's future government (yes, really).


Anyway, back to DECC...


The letter isn't up to much, just the usual warmist denial of any non-conformist views and an appeal to authority. Mr Holiland is keeping to the party line, so he can only repeat the same tired arguments we have all heard before.

I will be replying again, you won't be surprised to hear, so look back for the next instalment soon.




DECC 2019.01.29 by dak