This is an entirely personal blog, it expresses my opinions and no-one else can be blamed for them. Very specifically, no-one employed in any way, shape or form by South Lanarkshire Council has any connection whatsoever with this blog.

If it has any purpose at all it is to try and diminish the influence of political parties on local government in Scotland. A lofty ideal, but I really think that someone has to do it. This mission was born from my first experience of real-life politics, viz. being a member of a parents' group that tried to stop South Lanarkshire Council overriding the overwhelming popular opinion in Strathaven by rebuilding the Academy in a shoddy, inappropriate, yet extremely expensive manner. That fight was lost but only because SLC refused to engage with the town in any meaningful fashion and used our own money to bulldozer their blinkered view into reality. Some day I may get around to writing the story and people will wonder why some councillors or officials aren't in jail. Maybe yet some will find themselves there...

The real reason is to let me vent some of the frustration generated in living in such an absurd world.

Who am I? That doesn't really matter. I don't use my real name here but people who know me will recognise my pseudonym. Anyone who's really interested can work out my identity fairly easily.

The blog name? That comes from an article I had published in the Herald newspaper during the school campaign. I quite liked it and it rather reflects my feeling that we are increasingly living under a totalitarian regime.

OK, there have been requests for a photo. Here's a suitably muddy one.