Another Small Catastrophe

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This is just a quick post to remind you that I'm still alive. Sorry for the infrequent posting recently, but banks don't fix themselves, you know.

Since the last post we've had the phone-hacking enquiry (it's not hacking, it's maybe cracking, but more likely eavesdropping) and English riots (not even riots, just shopping out of hours with fireraising). We've even had the renewed prospect of our esteemed Miinister for the Envronment and Climate Change going to jail (please God, please) but apart from all that there's not much of note happening here.

But at last, we've had a real news story, in fact a catastrophe - a Shell Oil production platform has sprung a leak and dumped an enormous amount of oil (between 200 and 600 or so ton(ne)es of oil into the North Sea.

Judging by the amount of local press coverage, this is a serious event with serious consequences. Particularly, the effect on wildlife cannot be understimated, and will be very dramatic. So horrific, in fact, that we have hidden a quite distressing picture of an oily bird behind the Read More line below. If you feel that you are strong enough to be able to view the spectacle, please click through.



I'll get me chammy and bucket of Fairy Liquid...

We've covered the topic of oil spills and the media's failure to undertand proportion before. In this case it is very unlikely that any crude will make it anywhere near land so the effects on wild life will be minimal. So there's no real problem, apart from a minor effect on Shell's balance sheet. It's not good, but not seriously bad.

And who cares about an oil company's profits? After all, I'm doing my weekly drive home tomorrow and it will cost me about £35 just for the diesel. Oh, wait, that's £12 for fuel and £23 in tax, isn't it?

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