Back To You, Ed.


After receiving a few suggestions via email (you are a shy lot, aren't you?) I have made some changes to the proposed letter back to DECC. See it after the break.

Letter to Ed Davey 2014.01.04




There are only a few changes from the proposed version and I have tried to keep the number of topics low, though heaven knows it would have been easy to have written a book after their awful effort. Hopefully this time the reply won't just be a copperplate letter.

As an aside, I know that government is supposedly trying to cut costs, but DECC's stationery seems to be of a very poor quality. Perhaps they think that using cheap paper is helping to save the planet or something.

As a second aside - Happy New Year! Let's hope that this 2014 the year we can finally see off the CAGW nonsense.