Eric Sykes 1923 - 2012


Eric Sykes CBE died yesterday at the age of 89.

Sykes was one of Britain's comedy aristocrats who came to prominence on leaving the Army after the war. Part of the set that included the Goons, Galton & Simpson, Frankie Howerd and a whole host of comedy actors, he is indelibly associated in the public's mind with the great (in every sense) Hattie Jacques. Best knows as a TV actor he was also an actor, writer and director for stage, TV and radio. He was a founder member of the legendary Associated London Scripts.

Eric Sykes


Sykes started writing at a time when radio was king and had the unrepeatable experience of knowing that his words were heard by over half of the entire population of the UK. And greatly enjoyed, for nearly seven decades.

A very inventive comedian and by all accounts a true gentleman, Sykes will be very sadly missed. I am a big fan. I bought the DVD of the now controversial "Curry & Chips" recently and will be looking out my disc of "The Plank" to watch yet again over the weekend.