Extreme Weather In South West Scotland!


The blog spent Hogmanay and Ne'erday in the second most southerly village in Scotland. It's so far south that the BBC TV news comes from England and the mobile phone signal (if you can get one) sometimes comes from the Isle of Man. Isle of Whithorn is a small fishing village at the extreme point of the Machars and boasts a very vibrant comunity spirit.

But this little jewel of a village experienced great danger today when extreme weather struck and flooded the harbour area!


IoW 1


It was a very dramatic day. The strong onshore wind blew stinging spray into the faces of the huge crowd that had gathered from all parts of the Machars to experience the full horror of the day. The spectre of rampant and vicious climate change hung over the assemblage and no-one could remember anything like it since...

..since... ...well, since the last time this happened. Admittedly it's been 14 years ago since it was just as bad, but this low-lying coastal area experiences very high at every spring tide, and floods on many of them. It's so common that many of the houses on Harbourside have permanent flood protective measures at the front doors, although the good old stand-by of sand bags still has its place.

IoW 4

Although on Harbourside this may be of limited use since the water can come up through the floor. Your humble editor can attest to the fact that it was knee-high at the side of the kirk: my boots are drying out now.

It's weather; just weather.

Wet, though.


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