Hacked Off!!


Yes OK, it's a distinctly tabloid headline, but it does succinctly describe our recent experiences. Our regular reader will have noticed that this blog had fallen off the interweb early in 2013. Well it is no exaggeration to say that it was due to a terrorist attack.grumpy-baby

Made me feel a bit important for a while.

Then I did some research and felt a little bit less special. It seems that TPDRSL hadn't after all been singled out for its radical and dangerous political approach.

What happened was that a vulnerability in one of the web site software components was discovered and publicised. Quite quickly, some "script kiddies" found some code and started to attack any sites they could find. This was one.

In this case we had the pleasure of a visit of some Palestinian activists who defaced the site by embedding some propaganda graphics but, more annoyingly, had also changed the code for the index page to redirect to a page selling Fakeagra or some such rubbish. Apparently this is now the de rigeur way for freedom fighters to fund their struggles.


Anyway, as soon as it was discovered the site was taken down and has been down ever since. Until now!!

Hello again, it's good to be back. The site has been rebuilt from scratch - new operating systems on a new server and a new build of a new version of the CMS software.

As it happens, it's now also being managed from a new location again, because the time overlooking Strangeways prison has now come to an end and the entire operation has decamped back to the wonderful Republic, at least for a while.

So, we're back. It will take a while for the site to regain all its content as the migration process between the two versions of the CMS doesn't quite do what it says on the tin. We'll be working back from the present time to rebuild the history but it isn't a priority. Last of all will be any comments, so if you are fond of pointing friends towards any particularly trenchant contribution you made it may be some time until it is visible again. All hit counts have been rest, so add a couple of million or so to each article's count for a reasonable estimate of its popularity :)

The immediate imperative is to move forwards. The next post will be the fourth and last part of a three-part series regarding the extra costs imposed on our domestic fuel bills. There will be many more well-considered rants to follow.