Happy Birthday To Us!

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Yes, we've made it. They said it could never be done, but we've made it. It's been a hard struggle, we've had to cope with severe hardships including change of location, the complete freezing for several days of TPDRSL HQ, 1,200 km round trips to the office, and tiger attack, but we've made it.

So Happy Birthday To Us!!


As is customary on these happy occasions we will now indulge in a little retrospection. Click through for The Best of TPDRSL...

My Favourite Post:

I love them all, of course, but this one I enjoyed writing and it rekindled in me a love of creating prose.

A Quiet Afternoon In Winter

The Most Popular Post:

Without a doubt it is the first post about the ScottishPower green scam:

Starve The Beast

One To Make You Smile:

To Brighten Up A Monday Morning

One To Make You Think:

Feeling Chilly? Blame BP.

A Puzzled One:

A Bridge Too Many?

A Sad One:

Gerry Rafferty 1947-2011

A Thoughtful One:

The First Of The Many

The Only Sweary One (So Far):

No Fergus, Scotland Bloody Well Doesn't Want That!

A Party Political One:

A Unique Ballot Paper

A Spooky One:

Mushstools, Toadrooms And Faeries

The One I Want You To Read Next Is Always Here:

See you next year!

Or tomorrow.

(By the way, there wasn't really a tiger attack: that was just an example of the curious form of humour for which this blog is becoming renowned. Or something.)

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