Headline Of The Year

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This headline beats even the fabled "Freddie Starr ate my Hamster", which was, of course, completely fabricated. This one really happened! (Allegedly.)

From today's Torygraph:

Paul Daniels injured in Sooty pizza-throwing accident

daniels sooty
Sooty Paul Daniels

It is of course entirely coincidental that they both have new shows opening soon. Isn't Sooty looking well for his age?

But there's one thing about the story I just don't believe.


Is the lovely Debbie McGee really only 53 years old? I'm nearly as old as that and I can remember her as a foxy magician's assistant when I was just wee. I don't look as good in minidress and thigh boots, though.


Debbie's a blogger too, but she doesn't seem to have the perseverance of some of us.

(Some of you may have worked out that this entire post has been an elaborate ruse to get the first picture of a bird in thigh boots into the blog.)

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