I Shall Be Spoiling My Ballot Paper

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I have been voting in general elections since 1979. In all of that time Ihave never missed a vote of any kind, even when temporarily living abroad for a few years. After a proxy failed to place my vore for me, I obtained a postal vote and I retain that now, as I still work away from home.

But for the 2019 general election I simply can't see any person or party worth voting for, so I am going to spoil my ballot paper. I will still vote, but I want to ensure that all of the candidates understand why they will not be receiving my support. As every spoiled paper must be agreed by all candidates they have to be shown them all. I have written them all little messages, just from me. Amn't I sweet?


My pristine paper is shown below. Come back next week to see  what it looked like when it was lodged.

ballot paper pristine

And just for the avoidance of doubt, all remarks that I have made on the paper refer to the party, not the candidate,  I have never met any of them, btu I have seen their election literature and I know how their parties behave. 




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