In The Meantime...


I'm hoping that proper blogging will restart quite soon, but in the meantime here are a few photos that I hope may make you smile. Click on any photo to embiggerate.



 What colour is Invisible?




Mars toastie

And Scotland is supposed to be the home of unhealthy food!

(Gloucester Docks, August 2014)



 How do you like your gravy?



This last one was taken at a Shell service station in Cheetham Hill in Manchester in early 2013. Why is it worthy of comment? Look at the picture at the bottom of the page for a closer peek at the little notice in the centre of the frame.


Cheetham Road Shell station


illitiplod detail

The notice was still there in early 2014. I wonder just how many people in that time braved the fury of The Law and bravely paid for their fuel?