Is The MSM Beginning To "Get It"?

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From today's Telegraph we can read the following editorial, which asks some questions that they really should have been asking a very long time ago. The significance of this particular article is that is an editorial, not just the views of a mere journalist. It seems that this outrage has been one of their reports that shows how much was paid out to wind farm "operators" to deliberately keep them idle for a few hours because they were producing too much electricity for the grid to handle.

Our only gripe with the story would be the headline -"Wind power: a policy spinning out of control". This policy span out of control a long time ago and some of us have been saying so for many years.


The Mainstream Media (MSM) have been very slow to question the orthodoxy but there are signs that this is slowly beginning to change. 

Not before time - the posting immediately before this mentions that Europe's biggest on-shore wnd farm has been out of action for many months.

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