Just Call Me McYezhov


The original title of this post was "Stalinism In The New Scotland". This is going to be a rant so if you're not in the mood for some bad-tempered shouting just pass on, there will be a more measured post in a day or so.

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The bastards have banned me! I've never been blocked from any site before but I've been banned from commenting at newsnetscotland.com! What a bloody cheek!

There may be more bad words after the page break.


I have mentioned the website newsnetscotland.com a couple of times before (here and here). I visit it regularly and find it one of the few sources of nationalist-oriented news, although I think it would prefer to be thought of as being entirely objective. It is certainly immune from the rabid pro-union bias found in nearly every other news outlet in the UK and often rather refreshing. One of my favourite features on NNS are the articles by Kenneth Roy, although these are re-hashes of articles that have already appeared on the Scottish Review.

At the end of the second of my own articles I said "Keep an eye on it, it may yet become something great." I also said in that article that I was worried about it "becoming an independence version of the Daily Record". Well, it seems that second of those possibilities has eventuated.

On Thursday of last week I commented on a post entitled "Cameron urged to take action against those plotting against renewables". NNS took their now habitual stance of decrying any opinion that may be against the wholesale desecration of the nation in the cause of "renewable" energy and the comments followed suit. I weighed in with a response at about (probably) 18:00 or so, essentially saying that the UK renewables policy will kill people in Scotland. Other comments followed mine, arguing against my position, so I replied again, about 21:00.  When I checked the post at about 22:00 both of my posts had gone, to be replaced with the notice below.

nns post

Newnsetscotland is lying to its readership. At no time have I ever been contacted by them. The points I made were backed with references. Their reasons are spurious and the claims I made are at least arguable. In any case NNS have provided no counter-argument. I deviated from the party line, I am banned, history has been rectified.

I was not the only one surprised - another comment from a user called DonaldMhor appeared, asking what he had done to have his posts deleted. At least he could log in to ask - this is what I get:


But as you can see from the NNS post, DonaldMhor's comment has been disappeared as well: I wonder if he got any explanation. I didn't. I sent an immediate email to NNS to complain but have not received any response.

Except that NNS immediately became one of my myriad twitter followers, and Online Ed has probably also booked an RSS feed to keep up with developments. They'll certainly see this post toute suite.

But why the bizarre title to this post? Well, back in the Stalinist USSR, a very tight control was kept over information, especially history. If a past event or person became embarrassing they were simply expunged, removed from the record, never to be mentioned again.

Probably the most famous example of this was what happened to Nikolai Yezhov after his falling out with Stalin. He disappeared from his job (boss of the NKVD, the forerunner of the KGB) without announcement, his name was never officially mentioned again and he was even removed from old photographs.

Yezhov here

Yezhov gone

NewsNetScotland, 20:00, 15th November 2012 NewsNetScotland, 23:00, 15th November 2012

Just like my comments have disappeared without trace. At least NNS haven't had me stripped, beaten to a pulp and then shot in a basement, which was Yezhov's fate.

Newsnetscotland.com could yet become something worthwhile, but to play a full part in the new Scotland they have to stop being an SNP echo chamber. If Online Ed has any comments to make, he is welcome to use my own comment facility below this post: I promise I will not delete anything that is not illegal.

In the meantime if you are looking for trenchant opinion on all aspects of Scottish politics, try here.