Letter To DECC - Your Help Is Needed


Now that the Christmas rush is over, I intend to write again to DECC. I have written a draft, which you can see after the break. I need your help.

Proposed Letter to Ed Davey 2013.12.29 by dak

Proposed Letter to Ed Davey 2013.12.29 by dak



It will be easiest if you have already read the DECC letter, which you can find here.

I need a critical view of this letter to improve it before it is sent. There are a couple of points that I fear may be only assertions on my own part and I do not want to fall to DECC's level. Please read the letter and send me your views, either in the comments below or by mail to dak at the URL in your address bar above.

I look forward to reading any contributions but please make it quick, I want to get the letter away soon.