Lynn Filshie's Manifesto


We reproduce below Councillor Lynn Filshie's letter to prospective voters, asking for an extension of the trust that the people of Avondale and Stonehouse have shown in her.

We think that Lynn has been an excellent councillor in difficult circumstances, and is a great asset to South Lanarkshire Council.

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I am standing again for the forthcoming election on May 3rd 2012.  I hope that I have served the community well over the past 5 years and ask that you take time to go and use your vote and put 1 against my name on elections day.

Ward 5 consists of; Strathaven, Stonehouse, Chapelton, Glassford, Sandford, Auldhouse, Gilmourton, Dungavel, Drumclog, Caldermill, part of Jackton – basically all the way from Greenhills Road to the Ayrshire border and Whitelee Forest to the borders of Blackwood.

What do I intend to do over the next term?

Firstly I intend to continue to do the work that I have been involved in over the past 5 years which I have detailed at the end for information.

One of the main projects that I have already raised within the council and would like to focus on is the provision of Day Care facilities within Strathaven. Strathaven has one of the largest elderly populations within South Lanarkshire and although we have excellent day care facilities within Canderavon in Stonehouse and an excellent facility in East Kilbride at the Saltire Centre, we have nothing in Strathaven and poor transport facilities to these centres for the rural community. This is a subject dear to my heart and further provision in our area would serve our elderly population and help to support families in giving a more Independent lifestyle for our elderly residents.

Recently a group has formed in Stonehouse supporting Dementia sufferers and care givers and I was delighted to be invited to their inception and would like to further support them in their endeavour, unfortunately I have been unable to be there as much as I would like due to the fact that I myself have an elderly relative with Dementia who has recently entered full time care.

I have supported wherever I can the John Hastie Museum Trust and I wish to continue to assist in any way I can. I believe that the history of the area should be there for all to see and touch, there is a long way to go and I would like to focus on this issue and bring back the JHM artefacts to Strathaven, and help the committee see their vision come to fruition. I would also like to assist wherever I can and help the Town Mill Committee bring the Mill back to life their efforts so far have been remarkable and it is a huge commitment.

One of the most contentious issues to have affected Ward 5 in the past 5 years has been the Dovecastle Gasification Plant which was a difficult situation due to the fact that it was not within Ward 5. As an Independent councillor with only the late Councillor Tommy Gilligan who was able to vote on the issue, I relied on his integrity and democracy which he used to the full and requested my view and the view of the Action Group and voted against the proposal. However I am more than aware that the battle is far from over and as before will give any support requested.

Other than gaining a vast experience in how the council works over the last few years and building good working relationships with officials I remain convinced that the wider the spread of Independent Councillors there are the better for the communities we live in, there can be more thorough and robust debates over issues and more a fairer representation for individual wards.

I can say and commented to the Chief Executive when he retired that I fully believe that there is far better access to the council than when I entered into the fray 6 or 7 years ago, although I would still say that communities should make better use of the methods of consultation on important issues, but I understand how difficult this is as I struggle to comment on all the subjects that come up in front of me.

Finally I want to re-iterate on what I said in my press release being a councillor within Ward 5 however big and diverse is always quite humbling the volume of volunteers who work away quietly organising events, groups, clubs and I include all here from sports to churches, causes dancing and many a good neighbour, you could fill a telephone book as well as community and parent councils who put forward views on matters of importance for our children, elderly, town and country matters, all should be proud that they contribute to making Ward 5 the place it is to live, there is always a huge focus on the negative issues that arise never enough on the positive.

Ward 5 has some marvellous individuals and I wish we could spend some time applauding them.


Below are some of the Committees and duties I have been involved in over the past 5 years:



Community Resources

Finance & Information Technology

Estate Committee

Enterprise Resources

East Kilbride Area Committee

Licensing Committee (Deputy Chair)

Executive Committee (latterly)


Risk & Audit Forum

Road Safety Forum

Financial Scrutiny Forum

Task Forces

Parking Forum

Winter Management Forum

School transport Forum

Above the list of some of Council Committees and responsibilities, below are some of the other meeting I attend as part of my wider community function:

Community Councils throughout the Ward: I try to always attend Strathaven & Glassford and Stonehouse as the largest population densities, the other Community councils Sandford & Upper Avondale, Chapelton & Auldhouse, Jackton & Thorntonhall I try to attend when I can or at least keep in touch with them via email.

Parent Councils: 11 in total, I lettered all stating I was always open to invite if they wanted me, some I attend regularly others only occasionally, always happy to help them when asked.

Strathaven Town Group – a meeting of some groups within Avondale.

Strathaven Transport Working Group – a group which discusses the road issues within Strathaven

John Hastie Museum Trust – try to attend all meetings to assist with information and funding opportunities

Friends of Langlands Moss – attend occasionally to keep up to date with their progress and offer letters of support when required

Generally assist any Ward 5 Group or Club when requested with funding information and or letters of support to gain funding.

Councillor Lynn Filshie