Mushstools, Toadrooms And Faeries

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Obviously, it's all down to Global Warming. We've been warned for many years now that the massive increases in average temperature that we have all noticed over the past years would encourage the migration of exotic species into our humdrum environment.

But where on earth have these come from?


And there's more - we even managed to photograph a real faery!


We found them on the road between Tackhouse and Ardochrigg. Never seen anything like them in Scotland before. Does anyone know what they are?

Click on the pictures for bigger versions...


...and you'll want to enlarge this one, because there is a real faery in it. Arthur Conan Doyle, eat your heart out.


We have another photo with two faeries, but that's just too spectacular or public consumption.

It's obviously all to do with a combination of runaway global warming and the Whitelee wind farm just up the road sucking in alien spores from far away.

Or something.

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