Positive Music

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The last post was quite sad, part of my lifetime's hinterland fading into the past. This one's much happier.

Click on the video below and enjoy...



Didn't that make you feel happy? Although I will have to apologise now for planting an earworm in your head...

Click through for more...

The singer's name is Roo Walker. I don't think you'll have heard of him, which is a bit of a shame, because he is a very talented musician.

I came across him a couple of years ago when he was part of the backing band (both of them!) and also a solo support act for Philippa Hanna at a concert in Strathaven's Avendale Old Parish Church. Philippa was good, but Roo struck me as being even more entertaning. His Punjabi DJ act was especially funny.

Roo is part of the fast-growing Christian rock scene. Philippa is one of its stars in the UK and you can see her latest release below:


Anyway, back to Roo. As well as being a funny performer in a "kooky" sense he is also a very good guitarist:


Sometimes he is just funny:


But what he always is, is a very enjoyable singer-songwriter:

You can stuff your X-Factor, this is real British talent that is working hard to make a career for himself. Why not pop over to here, buy a CD or two and help a talented young man? (Note - we have no connection with, and make no money from, any sales; we just like Roo.)


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