Scotland's Future Pt 3 (page 3)


This is the third in a series taking an inquiring (and slightly jaundiced) look at the summary of the document “Scotland’s Future”. You will need to have a copy of the document itself, which you can obtain by clicking the graphic below.


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This post looks at page 3 of the summary, entitled “Gains from independence – if we are the first government of an independent Scotland”.

Now, hold on a cotton' pickin' minute there, Muskie*: who's this "we"?


As we understood it, this document was to set out the view of the Yes campaign: it is actually published by the Scottish Government. Neither of those is a political party, so we can assume that the SNP see themselves as the "we". Therefore it's safe to asssume that the document is largely a product of the SNP. This will be why it so largely resembles a party election manifesto, as we mentioned before.  

There are twelve bulletted points on this page, all phrases, no sentences. Some of them repeat points made in the previous section. All are concerned with fiscal or practical details and some are just plain electioneering.

And that's about it for this page. It's pretty much a waste of paper or pixels, laying out a level of detail that really does not belong in a document describing a vision.

Next time we'll be having a look at Alec Salmond's personal message to the electorate.


* Young readers (under 40 or so) please see here.