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One of my regular blog visits for the past year has been NewsNetScotland (NNS). For the past year or so it has provided a refreshing antidote to the unionist news media in Scotland, providing a more objective view of Scottish affairs, particularly political ones. It has always been unashamedly pro-independence.

Over the past few weeks I have made a few comments on their blogs complaining about an apparent deification of the SNP. I was worried about them losing their air of objectivity and becoming an independence version of the Daily Record but, even so, it was still almost the only place on the net where serious and objective Scottish political discussion could occur.

Something very odd happened this week.

On Wednesday a posting appeared that said that the site was moving to a new web address: same name, different TLD. On Thursday evening an email from "Online Ed" was sent to all registered users, saying it wasn't. 

The other URL was operational, and appeared to be nearly identical to the original. What was going on?

The story is "explained" here and it's worth reading. It appears that there is a bit of inter-necine war going on. At the time of writing the usurping web site is no longer available although, contrary to what NNS have stated, the server has not been taken down; the web site has just retreated behind an authorisation gate.

The explanation is fairly opaque and many things remain inadequately explained. In particular, the identities of those who are running the site remain secret.  It now appears to be a (semi) commercial concern, whilst still eliciting donations from readers. Little toy blogs like this one can get away with anonymity, but we don't ask for money.

In the meantime I hope that those involved can resolve their difficulties and return their site to the pre-eminent place it held in the Scottish news firmament. Keep an eye on it, it may yet become something great.

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