Sunday Afternoom


There's not a great deal of significance or point to this post, it's just to show you a little bit of the countryside here in the Republic.

IMAG0077(click for even bigger splendulousity)


Looks wonderful, doesn't it? In fact it's just a wee pond at the side of a forestry track running between Lambhill and Auchengilloch. Sunday's sunshine really brought out the lovely colours.


It's a six mile round trip and we didn't see another soul all the time we were out. The dogs ran round daft and slept well in the evening. It was great just to stand at the side of the water and drink in the tranquility for a while.

While we can. If the wind farm intended for the hill behind the viewpoint goes ahead, this area will be covered by shadow flicker and will never be tranquil again while a wind blows. They're dreadful things, wind farms, they destroy the countryside.

Oh, it appears there may have been a point to this post after all.

Please do what you can to stop the spread of these ridiculous industrial installations across our unspoiled lands. Thank you.