The Best Film That Disney Never Made


The young lady who was the subject of a recent post sent me an excited MMS this afternoon - "Look who's in EK shopping centre!!". And indeed, just look who it is.



Note, not "what" it is, but "who" it is. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is one of those very few cars that has earned the great affection of the general public. Like James Bond's Aston Martin, Herbie, every Mini ever made (the Issigonis ones, not the German copy) and the Range Rover that finally extracted Gordon Brown from Downing Street, she is almost a personal friend.

There was a real historical Chitty, in fact four of them, plus seven more like this that were made for the film, but that is not the subject of this post. This is just an excuse for some cracking music.

First, one of my favourite ever songs - simultaneously tuneful and profound.


Well, maybe not profound, but I really enjoy it.

And I aspire to the posh life...


A little bit of soft-shoe...


Well, quite a lot of soft shoe and a fair bit of jumping about, too. It's amazing to think that Dick Van Dyke was about twice the age of the other dancers.

There are other really good tunes as well, like "Toot Sweet", "Doll on a Music Box" and "Truly Scrupmtious" and a few girly ones such as "You Two"", "Hushabye Mountain" and "Lonely, Lonely Man". Go and watch the film again, it's great fun.

But why the title of the post? Well, because it wasn't a Disney film, although many people think it was. It did share some Disney characteristics - the Sherman brothers wrote the music, Dick Van Dyke was best known for a bad cockney accent in Mary Poppins (and was nearly joined here by Julie Andrews) and it looked and felt like a Disney film - but it really had more in common with James Bond. The story was written by Ian Fleming, the film was produced by Cubby Brocolli and starred Gert Frobe (Goldfinger) and Desmond Llewellyn (Q), who would doubtless have approved of all the fatnastic contraptions made by Caractacus Potts (although really by Rowland Emmett).

All together now...


More serious stuff tomorrow...