The Wisdom Of Alfie Hall

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Almost exactly 46 years ago, on 13th February 1966, the nation settled down to listen to the latest antics of its favourite midget. Yes, Jimmy Clitheroe was back on the air!

But who would have expected that Alfie Hall, Jimmy's idiot companion, was about to explain why the welfare state was fatally flawed?


(Click on Danny's photo and wait a few seconds to hear the wise words.)


There you are, that's why the social security bill is now £200 Bn per annum.


If you are not of a vintage where the name Jimmy Clitheroe means much to you, go here for a clue.  "The Clitheroe Kid" was one of the most successful radio comedy programmes ever produced by the BBC, although it is fair to say that the humour was "of its time".

And if you'd like to hear the context of that short sample, the full episode is here. By the way, the episode is entitled "Sliding Into Trouble", which does now seem eerily prescient.

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