This Is Why Blogging Is Important


There are those who still doubt that blogging has any value beyond recreation. They still cling to the belief that only commercial journalism or the sainted BBC have any worth, that only famous faces on the telly or scribes with well known by-lines can provide serious opinion on weighty matters. They think that investigative journalism can only occur in the rarified atmosphere of the media.  


With the aid of a mistress of the art, I will now demonstrate why those beliefs are wrong, wrong, wrong.



If you haven't been fortunate enough yet to have stumbled across Anna Raccoon's blog (and why not, it has been in my blogroll since the very beginning) please do yourself an enormous favour and visit it using the links after the page break. You will not be sorry.

Anna (real name Susanne) is a retired English lady who lives in France. Those of us who have been following her blog for some time (only a couple of years for me) have been privileged to learn some details of her highly eventful life, not least her recent encounter with a very serious cancer. Some of her articles have described events from her own interesting past.

For much of the time her blog carried guest posts but in its most recent incarnation its content is nearly all created by the lady herself. Posts are reasonably long, erudite and always interesting. Apart from the autobiographical posts there are many incisive comments on important matters of the day. She has an especial interest in matters relating to the treatment of those considered requiring protection from the travails of normal society and a healthy scepticism of those in positions of authority. She also has the best posse of commenters anywhere.

This week has seen the publication of a series of posts that count amongst the very best writing that I have ever seen on the WWW. The series may be continuing, I hope it does. Please do yourself a favour and read them in the order given below. Once you have done that, then investigate the rest of the site, you will not regret it.

Past Lives and Present Misgivings – Part One

Past Lives and Present Misgivings – Part Two

Past Lives and Present Misgivings – Part Three

Past Lives and Present Misgivings – Part Four