Vote For Lynn Filshie!! (Please)


Right, let's get this election started. This blog is unashamedly supportive of Independent candidates and we will be starting with the best Independent that we know - Councillor Lynn Filshie.


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Lynn is the de facto leader of the Independent councillors in South Lanarkshire Council at the moment. Her council web page is here. She is a member of ten council committees and chairs the Financial Sctrutiny Committee. Because of her lack of party affiliation she has been able to bring a literally independent mind to council afffairs and has been very effective in holding officials and councillors alike to account, earning the respect of both.

Lynn and your editor joined forces in the Strathaven Academy Action Group in 2005, which was set up to try and prevent SLC from committing an act of democratic and cultural vandalism by demolishing the old Strathaven Academy and replacing it with a big shed. Although the local protests were the biggest since 1820 (possibly bigger) a Labour/Conservative administration pushed the plans through by whipping party members and the deed was done, against the express wishes of the Strathaven residents.

Lynn has demonstrated a willingness to work very hard for her constituents and an impressive ability to master a brief in a very short time. This blog would very much like all SLC Ward 5 residents (Avondale and Stonehouse) to give Lynn their first preference votes.

Declaration of interest: your editor was Lynn's election agent at the last election and only working in England has prevented him from doing so again; and we also built and manage Lynn's own website.

Lynn's press release announcing her candidacy is below.


Press Release, 10th April 2012

Independent Candidate for South Lanarkshire May 3rd 2012 Elections Ward 5 Avondale & Stonehouse

Lynn Filshie, Woodlands, Ryelands, Strathaven, ML10 6QF (Age 51)

I am standing again for the up and coming election. I have had the pleasure of serving Avondale & Stonehouse over the past 5 years and in that time I hope that I have been of good service to the constituents. I have tried to represent them vigorously both individually and by conscientiously attending committees and forums, representing the views of the whole area.

I would like to comment at this point, on the community I represent. I have had the great pleasure of working with the many groups in the community; councils, gala, social groups, parent councils and youth groups and many more. I am proud to be part of a caring community with people who work tirelessly to make Avondale & Stonehouse the place it is. They should all be proud of their contributions in making this a richer community for everyone to be a part of, and a thank you to all who support them.

Over the next election term I would like to continue to serve this community with my experience and build working relationships within the council. I hope to help take forward projects that I believe are important for the community. Having Independent candidates within the council is essential as they can represent the community’s views freely and vote with their constituents.