Jan 4

Back To You, Ed.

After receiving a few suggestions via email (you are a shy lot, aren't you?) I have made some changes to the proposed letter back to DECC. See it after the break.

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Jan 3

Extreme Weather In South West Scotland!

The blog spent Hogmanay and Ne'erday in the second most southerly village in Scotland. It's so far south that the BBC TV news comes from England and the mobile phone signal (if you can get one) sometimes comes from the Isle of Man. Isle of Whithorn is a small fishing village at the extreme point of the Machars and boasts a very vibrant comunity spirit.

But this little jewel of a village experienced great danger today when extreme weather struck and flooded the harbour area!


IoW 1


It was a very dramatic day. The strong onshore wind blew stinging spray into the faces of the huge crowd that had gathered from all parts of the Machars to experience the full horror of the day. The spectre of rampant and vicious climate change hung over the assemblage and no-one could remember anything like it since...

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Dec 29

Letter To DECC - Your Help Is Needed

Now that the Christmas rush is over, I intend to write again to DECC. I have written a draft, which you can see after the break. I need your help.

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Dec 23

Ed Speaks!... A Lot Of Waffle

If you're keeping up with this blog you will know that we have written to the Climate Secretary, Ed Davey, to ask him to consider whether or not his ill-considered energy "strategy" may leave him open to a charge of murder in Scotland. The last post on this topic detailed a reminder letter that we had sent because no reply had been received from the original one.

Well, either that reminder started to ring alarm bells in DECC or, more likely, our letters crossed in the post, because a reply has now been received. It is dated the 12th December although it only arrived here on the 21st. You can read it below.

DECC reply 2013.12.12 by dak


It's not really disappointing because not a great deal was expected from a first exchange, but it is a bit sad that they expect this kind of waffle to satisfy anyone. However, there were a few surprises.

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Dec 22

Scotland's Future Pt 4 (pages 4 to 7)

This is the fourth in a series taking an inquiring (and slightly jaundiced) look at the summary of the document “Scotland’s Future”. You will need to have a copy of the document itself, which you can obtain by clicking the graphic below.


Click the pic for your own copy



This post looks at pages 4 to 7, which is the First Minister's personal message to the electorate. Given that the current First Minister is the Rt Hon Alec Salmond MSP, leader of the Scottish National Party, it is no great surprise that it is an exhortation to answer the referendum question in the affirmative.

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