Jul 24

Happy Dogs and Happy Food

Well, here's a little happy post just because it's summer. Or at least it was when I started writing this bit. We went for a walk a few weeks ago and I took this photo. 

I just thought you might like to see it.


happy dogs

Happy Dogs


But here in the Republic even our meals are happy...

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Jul 23


If you knew me at all, you may say that one of my defining - and most annoying - traits is the incessant repetition of the fact that I never watch TV. I can't be bothered with it unless it's F1 coverage (live only, so I don't see more than half the season, thanks BBC) or Top Gear. Or if I'm pushed something mindless but competitive like Antiques Road Trip or Bargain Hunt. But nothing else. Ever. Honest.

AO53 PBXDo you know this car?

But even I am aware of a programme called Crimewatch. So I intend to use its format to solve a small crime that actually ocurred to me. Just last week, so you may be able to help.

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Jun 9

Hacked Off!!

Yes OK, it's a distinctly tabloid headline, but it does succinctly describe our recent experiences. Our regular reader will have noticed that this blog had fallen off the interweb early in 2013. Well it is no exaggeration to say that it was due to a terrorist attack.grumpy-baby

Made me feel a bit important for a while.

Then I did some research and felt a little bit less special. It seems that TPDRSL hadn't after all been singled out for its radical and dangerous political approach.

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Dec 18

The Funniest Thing I've Seen In Ages

The third part of the series regarding the reasons for the ridiculously high level of electricity prices and why the Climate Secretary may be a serious criminal is proving to be quite time-consuming, so here's something to keep you going until it arrivescialis srbija cena best price guaranteed. It is the funniest thing I have seen in a very long time.

It is the opening scene in Ken Loach's latest film "The Angels' Share" and, to be honest, it is absolutely the funniest, laugh-out-loudest, part of the film. However, since the film is essentially a redemption story this is not a criticism.


If you don't like bad language, don't click the pic. But I think you should.


 But what has this got to do with this site?

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Nov 22

FITs and Sparks

This is the second instalment of a four part series.


We saw in the first post how the cost of electricity has been artificially elevated by the policies of our government. In fact we only saw the reasons for part of the increase, and this post will hopefully explain at least some of the rest.

To summarise the last post: a generator of non-carbon-based electricity will be paid an ever-increasing amount of money by generators of carbon-based electricity. This money will have come from their customers as a direct levy on their bills. So far this amounts to at least £273M and will increase rapidly as the renewables obligation becomes more onerous and inflation ramps up the buy-out price.

But these payments only cover the generation of electricity: there are further riches in store once we start to consider its consumption.


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