Apr 11

Election 2012

This page will act as a compendium for all our posts relating to the 2012 elections. We would very much like you to vote for at least one Independent candidate and these articles will help to explain why.

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Lynn Filshie's Manifesto

Vote For Lynn Filshie!! (Please)

Let's Keep The Trend Going

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Apr 11

Lynn Filshie's Manifesto

We reproduce below Councillor Lynn Filshie's letter to prospective voters, asking for an extension of the trust that the people of Avondale and Stonehouse have shown in her.

We think that Lynn has been an excellent councillor in difficult circumstances, and is a great asset to South Lanarkshire Council.

Please click through to read Lynn's letter.

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Apr 10

Vote For Lynn Filshie!! (Please)

Right, let's get this election started. This blog is unashamedly supportive of Independent candidates and we will be starting with the best Independent that we know - Councillor Lynn Filshie.


Lynn photo 320x240

Lynn is the de facto leader of the Independent councillors in South Lanarkshire Council at the moment. Her council web page is here. She is a member of ten council committees and chairs the Financial Sctrutiny Committee. Because of her lack of party affiliation she has been able to bring a literally independent mind to council afffairs and has been very effective in holding officials and councillors alike to account, earning the respect of both.

Lynn and your editor joined forces in the Strathaven Academy Action Group in 2005, which was set up to try and prevent SLC from committing an act of democratic and cultural vandalism by demolishing the old Strathaven Academy and replacing it with a big shed. Although the local protests were the biggest since 1820 (possibly bigger) a Labour/Conservative administration pushed the plans through by whipping party members and the deed was done, against the express wishes of the Strathaven residents.

Lynn has demonstrated a willingness to work very hard for her constituents and an impressive ability to master a brief in a very short time. This blog would very much like all SLC Ward 5 residents (Avondale and Stonehouse) to give Lynn their first preference votes.

Declaration of interest: your editor was Lynn's election agent at the last election and only working in England has prevented him from doing so again; and we also built and manage Lynn's own website.

Lynn's press release announcing her candidacy is below.

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Apr 8

Let's Keep The Trend Going

The Scottish Local elections are coming soon and the conventional wisdom is that two things will happen:


  1.  Labour will be annihilated; and
  2.  The SNP will carry all before it.

Around these parts we’re not liable to just take the conventional wisdom as gospel – otherwise we’d believe that binge drinking was a growing menace to society and that the smoking ban had reduced the number of smokers, so it’s time to have a closer look at what might happen and eventually make a prediction or two.

Some background: the graph below shows the numbers of votes cast for the major political groupings in Scotland at local elections since 1995, when the current council structure came into existence. I say “groupings” rather than “parties” because a major part of the political scene here has always been the presence of Independent candidates. Some councils are habitually controlled and run by Independents – the various island councils are a good example of this.

le votes

Click on any graph for a BIG version.

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Apr 4

The Best Film That Disney Never Made

The young lady who was the subject of a recent post sent me an excited MMS this afternoon - "Look who's in EK shopping centre!!". And indeed, just look who it is.


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