Mar 28

It Is A Tory Government Just Now, Isn't It?

George Osborne cares about hard-working families!


cornish_pasties VAT = 0%

VAT =20%


Of course, it's nothing really to do with George, he's just complying with instructions sent down from Brussels.

So that's OK, then.

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Mar 19

Going, Going, Going... To Uganda

Updated 28/3/12 - see bottom of post.

This is a remarkable young lady, and I am going to ask you to put your hand in your pocket to help her achieve an ambition to help other people.


Her name is Amy Kirkwood and she lives in the Republic. I know her well. She is a shining example of what Scottish youth should be. I think you should know a bit more about her, about what she wants to do, and how you can help her...

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Mar 11

Strange Death In South Lanarkshire

The youngest member of the family has recently started to learn to drive. Near Drumclog there is an expanse of reasonably wide, flat, straight road with good visibility, the main traffic at weekends being the bizarre vehicles on their way to being thrown about at Kenny Telfer's 4x4 track.

My driving tuition tends to start off with a lot of start/stop driving. At one our stops I looked to my left and spotted the strange image below.

warning of death

(Click to embiggen)

Which seems a little bizarre until you turn around and look over the road...


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Feb 24

Positive Music

The last post was quite sad, part of my lifetime's hinterland fading into the past. This one's much happier.

Click on the video below and enjoy...



Didn't that make you feel happy? Although I will have to apologise now for planting an earworm in your head...

Click through for more...

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Feb 22

Tant's Dead

Updated 26/2/12 - see bottom of post


I heard this morning that one of those distant but ever-present characters that we all have in our lives has died. Tant has passed away at the age of 87. To those of us who knew him, it's amazing that he reached that age, or anything like it: Tant abused his body unlike anyone else I've ever known.


His name wasn't really Tant, but very few people ever called him Angus except ironically. The only explanation I ever heard for the nickname was that it was due to a childhood speech impediment. Certainly he was difficult for strangers to understand or at least comprehend, and conversation with Tant often involved a lot of grunts and whoops.


When we moved to the village in 1965 he was already one of the local worthies and part of the folklore. He had no regular job, but worked around the farms, digging ditches, shifting things from here to there, anything that required a heavy manual effort and not a lot of thought. I worked alongside him a couple of times and he could certainly put in a fair bit of graft for someone built like a withered stick.

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