Feb 1

Let's Play Hunt The Scapegoat

Some of the more reviled professions are populated by people who entered them for the noblest of motives: many new law students imagined  themselves defending hopeless but worthy cases in court or using arcane points of law to fend unfriendly corporate attention away from weak  communities; journalists joined their first newspapers ready for the big scoop that would bring down the politician who himself had set out on his chosen career path with a mission to improve the world; even some baby estate agents must have thought that they could spend at least part of their lives bringing joy to new homeowners.

The fact that they almost all eventually turn out variously as reptiles, lizards, scum and thieves is an unfortunate result of the corrupting effects of money.

However, even I can’t think of any noble purpose in becoming a banker. As far as I can see they just seem to be motivated by greed right from the start.


But even bankers deserve fair play.

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Jan 29

It's The Wrong Question, Alex.

You probably noticed that on Wednesday, Burns Day, Alex Salmond revealed one of the greatest political secrets of the early twenty-first century - THE QUESTION!!


And, utterly amazingly for the most astute politician in Britain since Harold Wilson, he completely screwed it up.

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Jan 27

Alas Poor Nicol, I Never Knew Him

The death has been announced of one of the finest Shakesperean actors of his generation - Nicol Williamson.  In keeping with many of our news stories we are a bit behind the event, because his date of death was actually December 16th. However we are in fact bang up to date, because his family only released the information yesterday.


But what's this to do with us?

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Jan 17

Family Values, Or The Value Of A Family.

UPDATED 23/1/12 (see bottom of article)

OK, so the head-on launch back into full time blogging didn't work. I'm trying again.

There have been a few blogworthy issues that have come up over the past few weeks. In particular, the rest of the world seems to have woken up to the fact that we in Scotland  may have a preference for deciding for ourselves how we live our lives in the future. I'll come back to this.

In the meantime, let's have a look at something of universal interest - money. In this case in the form of child benefit.

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Dec 13

Since You've Been Gone...

Well it really should be "Since I've Been Gone", but Rainbow didn't do a song by that title.



Anyway, I thought the best thing to get started with would be a brief canter through the important things that have happened in the past ten weeks since normal service was interrupted. 

And I suppose I'd better start with a bit of an explanation as to why everything shuddered to a sudden halt...

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