Sep 18

Is The MSM Beginning To "Get It"?

From today's Telegraph we can read the following editorial, which asks some questions that they really should have been asking a very long time ago. The significance of this particular article is that is an editorial, not just the views of a mere journalist. It seems that this outrage has been one of their reports that shows how much was paid out to wind farm "operators" to deliberately keep them idle for a few hours because they were producing too much electricity for the grid to handle.

Our only gripe with the story would be the headline -"Wind power: a policy spinning out of control". This policy span out of control a long time ago and some of us have been saying so for many years.


The Mainstream Media (MSM) have been very slow to question the orthodoxy but there are signs that this is slowly beginning to change. 

Not before time - the posting immediately before this mentions that Europe's biggest on-shore wnd farm has been out of action for many months.

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Sep 15

This Man Thinks You And I Are Stupid




Click through to see why...

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Sep 11

Mushstools, Toadrooms And Faeries

Obviously, it's all down to Global Warming. We've been warned for many years now that the massive increases in average temperature that we have all noticed over the past years would encourage the migration of exotic species into our humdrum environment.

But where on earth have these come from?


And there's more - we even managed to photograph a real faery!

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Sep 3

It's Saturday Night And I'm Not At Home



Although it's actually "The Rolling Hills of the Borders".

You can't have too much Matt McGinn.


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Sep 1

ScottishPower Grab A Bit More

The posts with the highest viewing figures so far have been the ones regarding the means by which that famous Spanish company ScottishPower extracts extra money from its customers to pay for its chairman's well-deserved salary. If you missed them you can catch up here and here.

The trigger for those posts was the realisation by the folk at CATS (shiny new site) that SP had been extracting a little bit extra from their customers to pay for "government obligations".  At that time the supplement was 6%. Well they just got a bit greedier, as we can see below.


Retrieved from here on 30th August 2011.

The "obligations" part of the bill is not laid out in plain sight, but is amalgamated with VAT. Although the Standard Rate of VAT went up to 20% on 4th January, the rate applied to energy supplies remained unchanged at 5%. So the amount charged by SP for this highly dubious impost has increased from 6% to 7%.

SP quite rightly came in for a lot of critcism lately by being the first of the big power generators to raise its prices in the summer. For electricity the increase was 10%. This was because "Wholesale prices for gas and electricity have increased significantly since the end of last year...".

Really? Let's have a closer look.

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