Jul 9

Sporrans At Dawn

One of my regular blog visits for the past year has been NewsNetScotland (NNS). For the past year or so it has provided a refreshing antidote to the unionist news media in Scotland, providing a more objective view of Scottish affairs, particularly political ones. It has always been unashamedly pro-independence.

Over the past few weeks I have made a few comments on their blogs complaining about an apparent deification of the SNP. I was worried about them losing their air of objectivity and becoming an independence version of the Daily Record but, even so, it was still almost the only place on the net where serious and objective Scottish political discussion could occur.

Something very odd happened this week.

On Wednesday a posting appeared that said that the site was moving to a new web address: same name, different TLD. On Thursday evening an email from "Online Ed" was sent to all registered users, saying it wasn't. 

The other URL was operational, and appeared to be nearly identical to the original. What was going on?

The story is "explained" here and it's worth reading. It appears that there is a bit of inter-necine war going on. At the time of writing the usurping web site is no longer available although, contrary to what NNS have stated, the server has not been taken down; the web site has just retreated behind an authorisation gate.

The explanation is fairly opaque and many things remain inadequately explained. In particular, the identities of those who are running the site remain secret.  It now appears to be a (semi) commercial concern, whilst still eliciting donations from readers. Little toy blogs like this one can get away with anonymity, but we don't ask for money.

In the meantime I hope that those involved can resolve their difficulties and return their site to the pre-eminent place it held in the Scottish news firmament. Keep an eye on it, it may yet become something great.

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Jul 9

It's Good To Be back

If you are reading this (and I suspect you are), you will have realised that our server problems have been resolved and a new server has taken the place of the one that succumbed to the unexpected load from this posting.

We don't really think that we were attacked by ScottishPower, but it should perhaps be noted that today has largely been taken up with repairing another computer that was damaged by the massive power surge that hit the ML10 post code on Tuesday.

Just saying...

The major post that we promised on the temporary emergency page has been postponed until the current media frenzy over Rupert Murdoch listening to everyone's phone calls dies away, so that might be a week or two. In the meantime we will continue to support the campaign by Communities Against Turbines Scotland against the menace of wind turbines and will carry update postings here.

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Jun 29

Off Colour

The interest created by the Starve The Beast post has crashed our server twice in the past 24 hours. Since we are a small, poor organisation it will take a while (few days) to build and make operational a new one. Until then, please accept that our service may be patchy, or even non-existent at times.

It would, of course, just be paranoia to imagine that ScottishPower had attacked the site...

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Jun 27

How To Starve The Beast

I'm sure you've already read this post: if not, please go and do it now, it will give you the background to this one.

Below, you will find the information you need to complain to ScottsihPower about the environmental levy on your electricity and/or gas bill. The levies have been applied since 2002, probably without your knowledge. Certainly, SP  have never gone out of their way to inform us consumers of the extra money they were extracting in order to help them pay for the government's heroic (in their mind) and costly (in our pocket) struggle against the Carbon Monster.

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Jun 19

Sectarianism In Sport

Following on from our successul solution of the problem of sexism in sport (see here) our attention has been forcibly turned to the even less palatable problem of sectarianism, with particular regard to Scottish football (note for foreign readers - you may know this under the erroneous eponym of "soccer"; I do hope you appreciate the free education you get here).


Since the newspapers have insisted that Something Must Be Done, so our new and shiny SNP government have obviously decided to Do Something. What that Something is has turned out to be the "Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act".

It is a wide-ranging piece of legislation, badly thought out and poorly framed, as is the fashion with recent British legislation. A fuller fisking will appear here as soon as I can find the time to do it. However, we have been able to determine the apparent limit of the terracing chant permissible under the new legislation. Please click through and practice for your next visit to Ibrox or Parkhead:

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